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Mayor caught on camera depositing dog waste on neighbor's yard

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The mayor of a city in California was caught on camera throwing dog feces in his neighbor's yard.

San Marino Mayor Dennis Kneier spoke out Tuesday about the video, which was posted on the Whittier Daily News's website.

The footage showed Kneier tossing a bag of dog waste onto Philip Lao's walkway, seconds after the mayor's wife pointed in that direction.

"I'm the kind of a guy that's always picking up trash and I reached down and picked it up and here I am walking down in the street and in a moment of stupidity, I guess I was tired of carrying it, I disposed of it on his walkway," Kneier said. "It was a mistake. If I picked it up, I should have disposed of it properly, carried it home and put it in my own trash."

San Marino police confirmed that the video, which came from Lao's home security camera, was handed over to them for investigation, but they also said Lao did not want to pursue charges.

Lao said he thought the bag dropping was in retaliation to his opposition to creating a neighborhood dog park at nearby Lacy Park. Lao had signs in his yard that said "no poop zone," near where the waste was left.

Kneier said that while he generally likes dog parks, he had yet to see a formal presentation on the one in question and did not have a formed opinion.

"To think that what I did, which again I say was a lapse of judgment, had anything to do with how I feel or may feel in the future and how he feels about a dog park is just so far from the truth I can't believe it," he explained.

Kneier said he wrote a letter of apology, which was also posted in the local newspaper. He said he hoped it cleaned up the matter.

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