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Governor signs law to regulate bamboo plants

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Bamboo plants are usually seen in a tranquil landscape that is meant for relaxation, however, it has become a nuisance in Waterbury.

John Yarosh, of Waterbury, said he isn't enjoying his "golden years" because the bamboo plants in his neighbor's backyard are giving him a major headache.

"I don't feel like coming out here and pulling bamboo roots out when I should be having an ice tea on my deck and enjoying life," said Yarosh, who said two years ago the plants were protruding out from his neighbor's yard and damaging part of his property.

When bamboo plants are planted, they are just several inches tall, but they can grow up to 40 feet and Yarosh said his neighbor's plants were covering his backyard.

While the plants are gone, Yarosh is concerned they will grow back but now he will have some new protections after the governor recently signed a new law.

The law would require homeowners to maintain their bamboo plants, and any plant that grows within 40 feet of their neighbor's property line can be a reason for a lawsuit especially if there are damages. That is in addition to a fine of $100 for each day the nuisance continues.

"I don't wish a fine on anybody, but if it affects me in a negative way I would expect that the person that grew it take responsibility for it," Yarosh added.

The new law takes effect immediately.

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