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Close encounter with bear caught on camera

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Two joggers said they're breathing a little easier after escaping an encounter with a stubborn bear.

Bruce Allan and Greg Armor said they came face-to-face with the animal while jogging on a Fort McMurray trail in Alberta, Canada last week.

They said they pleaded and shouted to get the bear to pass them, but it wouldn't. They also recorded the experience.

"The moment I met the bear it was an instant turn around. Don't make eye contact, walk away, and that didn't seem to work," said Allan.

"We got to a point where he basically had us cut off," said Armor.

The men kept backing away, hoping the bear would lose interest.

"I was pretty much ready for him to pounce on me at any time," Allan said. "For about three or four minutes, I figured what part of me is going to get gouged or ripped open type of thing. So there was three or four minutes of terror there."

However, they said the most terrifying part of the experience was when the bear would jump on a tree and rush at them again.

"He was showing all he could do right there as far as I'm concerned," Allan said.

"There were definitely some moments when our escape wasn't guaranteed in any way," Armor said.

The men said they eventually saw an opportunity and made a run for it back to their jeep. After a few seconds of catching their breath, they found some humor in the experience.

Their video was shown to a Fish and Wildlife officer from Fort McMurray. He said the animal was a young bear and the behavior displayed was typical curiosity.

He also said the men did everything right. However, it would have been the perfect situation for bear spray.

Allan and Armor said they've since purchased a can, but that it would be a long time before they run on that trail again.

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