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Fast food not adding up to its looks

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Have you ever gazed at your Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe and thought it doesn't add up to its own ad?

Such thoughts drove Greg Benson to put on his hidden camera glasses and order from half a dozen fast-food restaurants in Los Angeles.

Benson ordered a Big Mac at a local McDonald's, and when his order didn't stack up to its image, he asked them to make it again. 

"I'm looking [at] this picture of Big Mac, and it looks kind of sad and dry," Benson told the person behind the counter before he asked them to make it again and more like the picture on the menu. 

The restaurant was happy to oblige and actually did it. Benson said they didn't turn him away and were willing to make it right, which impressed him. 

It turns out there's a lot more to those menu ads than just snapping a picture. McDonald's of Canada gave the public a sneak peek at their process.

A regular Quarter Pounder takes a minute or so to make. But then, a food stylist spends an hour and a half prepping one for its closeup, doing everything from melting cheese with a palette knife to replacing missing poppy seeds.

"We take all the ingredients normally hidden under the bun, and we pulled them to the foreground so you can see them," said the food stylist.

And while you shouldn't expect your food to be ready for a photo shoot, Benson says it does pay off to ask for a re-do.

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