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New Britain woman finds owner of missing family photo

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After a New Britain woman publicized a missing family photo she found, the family in that photo saw the coverage and contacted her.

It all started when she found the old photograph that's been hidden behind a wall in her home for years.

Theresa Wells made it her mission to return it to the family because she knows all too well what loss feels like.

"If you know them please, just give us a call," Wells said. "Get this picture back to the family."

Wells said she believed the photo was at least 20 years old. She found the large canvas portrait of a mother, father and two children.

"Our pocket doors wouldn't close all the way, so we thought it was the tracks not working right," Wells said. "I saw this and you can see it got bent, but I'm surprised it's not ruined."

Wells said it must have belonged to a family that lived in the home before her and she's determined to find them, even though she has no clue who they are.

Wells posted the photo on Facebook and asked her neighbors. But so far, she has had no luck.

Thanks to her determination, and one family watching Eyewitness News at the right moment, came a reunion.

The family in the photo is the Donoroma family. The young boy in the photograph is Josh, who is now in his 30s and just married. As for the couple in the photo, they moved to Florida a few years back.

For Wells, this reunion was extra special too because she knows what it is like to lose precious memories.

Wells said about six years ago she suffered her own personal tragedy and lost all of her belongings. That's why she's made it her mission to find the family in the photograph.

"Our stuff was in storage and my son and I were on our own for a while," Wells said. "I couldn't afford to pay the storage and his father wasn't paying it and we lost everything."

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