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Attorney for woman knocked down by police sergeant watches body cam video

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - After watching body cam video from the night police confronted a large crowd in Main Gate Square, an attorney for one woman who was knocked down by a police sergeant said that it raises concern about how training and the general orders to police were followed that night.

“If (the officers) weren’t trained to stop another officer from using excessive force, or if they just chose not to do it, they are equally to blame for any further, subsequent later use of that additional force by that officer. If somebody’s out of control, you’ve got to put them in control or take them away from the situation as quickly as you can,” said Stephen Weeks, who represents Christina Gardilcic, the University of Arizona student who was knocked down by Sergeant Joel Mann.

There are hours of video from a long list of police on the street that night when the Arizona Wildcats lost to the Wisconsin Badgers. The camera worn by Sergeant Mann has plenty to watch as well. Weeks watched the ten-minute span that includes Sgt. Mann knocking down a young woman and man in front of Campus Athletic as he tells them to move. Then Mann knocks the man down again.

That span runs to when Mann knocks over 21 year-old Gardilcic. Weeks said that the span is a small segment out of all the video. and that he must still read the board of inquiry report. But he said that other officers possibly should have intervened when they saw that happen and he raised concern about the level of force. Weeks pointed out that the use of a baton against those people was one level below lethal force.

“She didn’t see the officer approach, and the officer approached her aggressively, and took her down before he said anything. After he hit her, he started directing people to back up. But it wasn’t until after, and then only after the other people were saying, “Why did you do that? What was the point of that?” Weeks said.

Gardilcic has yet to file a claim. She has until late September to do so. No monetary amount has been given yet.

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