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New American citizens

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson has 20 new American citizens who took the oath of citizenship at Saguaro National Park this morning.

They are from 20 different, diverse countries and backgrounds.

In alphabetical order they are Azerbaijan, Benin, Bhutan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cameroon, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, Palestine, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Rwanda, Somalia, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam, and United Kingdom.

Where is Benin you ask?

It's in Africa.

They are among 9,000 who have taken the oath of allegiance in the past few days hosted by the Department of Immigration and Naturalization.

Every Independence Day, 100 patriotic, known landmarks and national parks host ceremonies which make becoming an American citizen an unforgettable event.

"I feel great, very happy," says Olivia Dadueza, who has become a citizen after twenty years in the country, brought here as a 12 year old from Mexico. "It opens up a lot of doors for you."

Sam Khamseh is studying to be a police officer. He came to the US from Iran five years ago.

"It was my dream to pursue my career as a law enforcement officer in this country," he says. "I want to become part of the greatest country in the world."

"They come from all corners of the earth," says Clair Nicholson, an information officer for USCIS. "it's very meaningful for us to have it on the most patriotic holiday."

When asked what she would do now, Yasmin Abusyna, from Palestine, said "I want to register to vote. I want to vote."

The event was hosted by the National Park Service and the oath was administered by the Honorable Judge Bruce Macdonald.

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