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Land swap forcing some Wilson County residents to vote twice

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Kay Smith has lived on Stewarts Ferry Pike, just east of Percy Priest Lake, for nearly 50 years and says ever since the lake moved in service has been almost nonexistent.

"They let my neighbor's home burn. They almost let him die because they either get lost, they can't find us or they don't know what county we're in," Smith said.

When Davidson County transferred her property into Wilson County back in January everything changed, but it came at a price.

"We can vote locally in Wilson County. We will be voting state and nationally in Davidson County," Smith said.

The Wilson County Election Committee notified Smith, along with more than a dozen other property owners in the Hickory Hills subdivision, that as a result of the transfer they would no longer be able to vote in one county.

Instead, the Tennessee Constitution, Article X, Section 5: "Requires you to vote for members of Congress, the governor, members of the General Assembly and Republican and Democratic state executive committee members in Davidson County."

For all local offices, they'll have to vote in Wilson County.

"It's a matter of representation," said Phillip Warren, administrator of elections for Wilson County.

He said state law dictates voting eligibility between reapportionment. In this case, until 2022.

"That's every 10 years, based on the federal census. They'll reapportion state House districts, state Senate districts and congressional districts," Warren said.

The only other way is if the General Assembly basically redraws the line.

Either way, Smith says it's not a problem.

"I'm going to always vote. If you're a true American, that's not going to bother you," she said.

Warren said the property owners who are eligible will be given the option to vote with an absentee ballot in the Davidson County election.

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