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Humanitarian effort will leave Greyhound bus terminal

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The operation which has been providing services for Central American women and children is leaving its staging area in the Greyhound bus terminal in two weeks.

The humanitarian effort will more to an undisclosed Catholic Community Services center which is said to be nearby.

"It was always meant to be temporary," says Ward VI city council member Steve Kozachik, who met with both Greyhound and CCS officials today.

Greyhound asked for help several weeks ago when the number of immigrants being dropped off by the Border Patrol increased and the situation became more than it could handle.

"All of a sudden there was a rush of so many people," says Sister Betty Adams, of CCS. "It just got beyond anybody's expectations and ability to deal with."

One of the biggest issues with having the effort in the terminal was a lack of privacy for the immigrants and their families.

"We had some people come over to the intake door right there and say hey, what are you guys doing in here," says Sabrina Lopez who is on load from Pio Decimo and it co-coordinating the volunteers. "We're trying to relieve some of the stress for the women."

In a release, Greyhound acknowledged the agreement "was temporary" and will discontinue in August."

"We're also looking to have medical mobile units and doctors on call," says Lopez.

The area has not been conducive to the types of medical issues the women and children need she says.

"Dehydration is the biggest problem" Lopez says.

The new intake center should be better for everyone involved.

"It's a more appropriate facility," says Kozachik.

It will have a kitchen and a place where the children can play outdoors.

"A place for the families to kick back while they're waiting for their connection," he says.

The wait can extend from a few hours to a couple of days so getting them out of the terminal has become a priority.

It's taken a big effort to find enough volunteers to shelter the immigrants.

The new intake facility will have places for people to rest.

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