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New products help prevent child deaths, injuries in cars

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With more reports surfacing of children being left behind in hot cars over the past few weeks, several devices are coming onto the market that alert parents that they forgot their most precious cargo. 

Last year, 44 children died in the United States and about half of these incidents were because a caregiver simply forgot the child was there.

"A problem that you see is occurring almost on a daily basis now," Solomon Waldner with Baby Alert USA said.

Just last week a 15-month-old boy in Ridgefield died after his father left him in the car when he went to work.

With incidents becoming more and more common, new products are coming on to the market and aimed at preventing deaths as well as injuries.

Waldner, who is a father of eight, and his business partner, Aron Wulliger, saw a need for a device that alerts parents after a close friend lost their own child to heat stroke in a car.

"I think at the end of the day, we're all human," Waldner said.

They developed the soft clip child minder. The device syncs the child's car seat buckle with a key fob. 

If the parent steps away from the car without unfastening the baby from the seat, the fob will start to beep after about 20 seconds.

As an added safeguard, the car seat buckle will also sound off, so anyone passing by the car will hear the beeping and draw attention to the stranded child.

The company also sells a similar product. A weight sensor positioned under the car seat sets off an alarm on a key fob if the child isn't removed from their seat.

"There's a lot of stories and it's an unfortunate need in our day," Waldner said.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put several of these devices to the test back in 2012.

They concluded that many of these products proved to be unreliable and should never replace a parent looking in the back before they lock up.

Experts said it is still a smart step in making sure a child is never left in the car.

"It comes down to our own responsibility, and it's our own responsibility," Waldner said. "Having said that, we do need to implement steps."

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