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Opponents of proposed Rock Cats stadium march to City Hall


Those opposed to the proposed Rock Cats stadium in Hartford marched in protest Monday afternoon and are expected to speak out at a City Council meeting Monday night.

The group opposed to the stadium are convinced it's good for the city and they don't want any taxpayer dollars used to build one.

People also feel that the deal was made behind closed doors and are upset because they feel they had no say.

"It's not that a stadium is bad, there are just so many more important things for our city," said Patricia Nelson, of Hartford.

She said she doesn't think a baseball stadium will benefit people who live in the city, and she and others are trying to stop the proposed $60 million stadium from being built.

Last month, Hartford City leaders said they had a deal to bring the minor league baseball team to Hartford.

Since then, the plan has drawn strong feelings on both sides.

At first, Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra said the city would borrow the money, but after much criticism, the city now plans to get private donations.

There is also an issue with attendance and whether the city can generate enough income to support the stadium.

"It seems they did everything without us, I found that insulting," said Anne Goshdigian, who is opposed to the proposal.

Hartford City Councilor Ken Kennedy said he feels there would not have been any progress if everything was out in the open.

Kennedy said he supports the stadium and feels it will be good for the city. He said it will bring more people downtown and will build on a piece of land that has been vacant for more than 40 years.

The only thing he sees as a possible problem is financing.

Mayor Segarra said in a statement, "this is about the redevelopment of the entire downtown north area, creating jobs for our residents and replacing a sea of parking lots with a thriving, vibrant neighborhood. The ballpark has attracted significant economic interest that has not existed until now. We welcome public input, it's an important part of the process."

There will be another public hearing on the stadium proposal on Aug. 18.

City officials are expected to submit a new resolution by Aug. 11.

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