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MA boy with cancer wants birthday cards

A little boy, who is currently battling an inoperable cancerous brain tumor, has only asked for one thing for his sixth birthday on Friday, birthday cards.

The request by Danny Nickerson, of Foxboro, MA, went viral on Facebook and sparked an influx of cards to young child. The request inspired a group of kids at a daycare in Amarillo, Texas.

Kids at the daycare imagination station were fulfilling the wish of Danny by making homemade birthday cards.

"I told them that we were going to make a birthday cards for a very special friend and we told them that he had a brain tumor and that he was very sick and that his birthday was on Friday so we were going to make him a birthday card," Pre-K teacher Heidi Foster said.

One of the teachers saw the Facebook post saying that Danny only wanted birthday cards for his upcoming birthday.

"It breaks my heart because most kids his age want the Legos, they want the superhero toys," Foster said. "And all he wants is a card saying that he's not alone, that people are out there thinking about him."

Because of his diagnoses of an inoperable brain tumor, one of the most chemo resistant cancers, Danny has been forced to drop out of kindergarten, and gets lonely from time to time.

"Since it's his birthday we want to make him feel special," said 9-year-old Nevaeh Guerra.

"I wanted him to have a very, very, very special birthday," said 6-year-old RJ Newell

The daycare will be able to send more than 70 cards to Danny. So far, Danny's website states that he has gotten about 15,000 cards. 

"We tell them we don't know if he's going to live much longer, we don't know if he's going to get over this or if this is going to be a lifelong struggle for him," Foster said.

The kids have a simple solution if they were ever to meet him.

"I will hug him a lot," said 11-year-old Malachi Daugherty.

If you would like to send a birthday card yourself, use the following address:

  • Danny Nickerson
  • P.O. Box 212
  • Foxboro, MA 02035.

Anyone with any questions can email or click here.

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