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Neighbors creeped out by porcelain doll mystery

Two of the dolls left at neighbors' homes. (CBS photo) Two of the dolls left at neighbors' homes. (CBS photo)

It's been somewhat of a porcelain mystery, until now.

Someone left porcelain dolls on the doorsteps of homeowners in San Clemente, CA. What's more, the dolls resembled the homeowners' daughters.

The recipients called it creepy while the giver said she was simply trying to do something nice.

"We're very unsettled and obviously taking this very seriously as it concerns our daughters and little girls," said Heidi Colburn, a neighbor.

Colburn said she did not want her face shown, but said when she saw the doll, she thought it was a prank.

When she heard other neighbors also received one, she became concerned.

Deputies said as many as 10 dolls were left at different homes, all where little girls live.

"It leaves an impression on your kid," said Colburn. "Can you imagine your daughter getting that? It would freak me out too."

Police said they've been in the neighborhood to investigate and took the matter seriously.

Many neighbors said they received emails that let them know what was going on and to be on high alert.

"We're a little concerned," said neighbor Debbie Call. "It's creepy!"

Call said it was a good reminder for neighbors to watch over each other.

"People have their eyes peeled now," said one victim.

Deputies said a well-meaning woman who knew the families and attended church with them thought leaving the dolls would be a kind gesture of friendship.

In a statement released Thursday to CBS News, police said "Investigators have concluded that [the neighbor's] motivation was out of goodwill and that she intended it as a kind gesture."

She was not identified.

Police added that there would be no further investigating on the case.

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