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City officials crack down on tall grass in Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The City of Toledo is continuing its crackdown on high grass and trash in neighborhoods, and if you don't keep your yard clean it could cost you. 

As part of the T-Town Initiative, you could be ticketed $75 and also be given an invoice that will cost you even more money.

This is the City's way of saying all residents should work together to make Toledo a cleaner and better place to live.  Through the T-Town Initiative, the City is coming out to different neighborhoods to help cut high grass and pick up the trash.  For residents who have neglected their properties, they are warned and then given a ticket, as well as an invoice to pay for the work the city has done on their property.

"When we go out and find properties that are in violation," said Chris Zerbos, director of the Toledo Department of Inspection, "we're able to cite them immediately and address the problem through our Beautification Action team that cuts properties."

Ann Johnson's grandson Kobe helped the City clean up an Old South Toledo neighborhood.  People living there are happy that the City is taking action to clean up and ticket those neighbors who are causing the mess.

"We appreciate it very much," Johnson said. "We need to be safe. We want our children to be safe. We want our children to come out here and play."

"We try to keep our neighborhood looking pretty decent because of the kids," said David Rice, a Maumee Street resident. "If a person does it, everybody else will follow along and it would be a pretty decent neighborhood then… One person can't make the whole neighborhood look decent; you need everybody to pitch in."

Department of Inspection officials say that grass has to be cut shorter than eight inches or you may receive a ticket.

For each offense, it goes up in $75 increments. For instance, a second offense would cost you $150.

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