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Parents seek to close sex ed book

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A sexy sex education textbook is causing quite a stir.

Parents in Fremont, CA said the images in Your Health Today were too much.

"It's a bit much for me," said Latonya Stevenson, a Freemont parent. "I'm not comfortable with my child looking, I mean wow. The graphics are extreme. Oh my gosh."

The illustrations show a close up look at private parts. Parents said it's also provocative and prominent.

"They are very pornographic," Stevenson said. "Some of them are very explicit. On the wrong website you might run across that."

They also said there are words on the book, topics like masturbation, sex toys and orgasms. It talks about bondage and using handcuffs, ropes and blindfold for sex games.

"Shocking, I don't like them," said James Stevenson. "I'm shocked that they're so graphic for freshmen."

Fremont was the only district in California using the book.

Parents there started a petition to stop the district from using it. They claimed it was not age appropriate for 9th graders.

Some students agreed.

"I don't think we need to know about that," said Judy Le, a senior at Kennedy High School. "It's for adults.

The superintendent said teachers will not be teaching about sex toys. However overall, he said it was a good book.

"Those anatomy pieces are required by the state to be taught," said Superintendent Jim Morris. "It's part of students learning about their bodies."

Some students said with the internet and social media, children were growing up a lot faster. They said it was better to learn early.

"Knowing high schoolers, they're probably going to find out it regardless," said Nicholas Loya, a sophomore at Kennedy High School. "So better to learn it from an informed adult."

At last check, the petition to stop using the book had about 600 signatures.

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