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Hartford police officer faces new charges for shoplifting

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Officer Luis Feliciano is accused of stealing from the store he was hired to protect and now, some are calling the suspended Hartford police officer a "professional shoplifter."

Some people told Eyewitness News his 10 years of experience working in "loss prevention" before he became a police officer means he knew how the security system worked.

According to the arrest warrant from an incident dated four days before last week's charges, Feliciano knew exactly how and where to hide the stolen merchandise out of the security camera's view.

But store employees were apparently on to Feliciano by installing surveillance near what they and police call his "stash spot."

Walmart shoppers left stunned to learn of Feliciano second shoplifting arrest this week.

"Well, of course, you know. I can't get free stuff," Marilyn Torres, of Hartford, said.

Feliciano's fellow officers said he orchestrated a scheme to carry out his own elaborate five finger discount while working Walmart store security.

Feliciano is accused of loading up they say on all kinds of household items including cleaning products such as Tide, Downy and Swiffer dusters. He is also accused of taking more pricey electronics such as an Apple TV, video games, and iPhone chargers.

Police said Feliciano also grabbed Dove and Dial soap, body wash and razor blades in the health and beauty department.

Investigators say Feliciano had a "stash spot" in the hardware department where he'd empty boxes from much cheaper items and replace them with his own goodies before heading to check out.

Police said Feliciano paid about $50 for merchandise that was worth more than $800 and crammed into a box meant for a filing cabinet.

Detectives said store employees caught on to Feliciano after he was "acting suspicious." They also told police that Feliciano was asking strange questions.

According to arrest papers, they set up their own "drop cameras" to catch the officer mid-crime. Police said Feliciano was sometimes even using a special tool to remove the security stickers.

Court documents show at one point Feliciano paused and walked away "from the cart to the other parallel aisles...to see if anyone is watching."

Court documents show Feliciano was even questioned two employees.

The two Walmart employees went on to say Feliciano seemed very upset. Both proceeded to walk the floor and were followed, according to court documents.

One worker later changed clothes to reportedly throw Feliciano off. When Feliciano stopped by the security office, he was "knocking and placing his ear against the door, listening to see if she returned," according to court documents. Court documents also state he "waited for a few seconds and returned to his activity."

A few days later, Feliciano is accused of stealing ground beef, strip steaks and Playstation controllers.

"It's shameful, is all I can say," Torres said.

Eyewitness News has tried twice to get Feliciano's side of the story, but didn't have any luck at his home in Springfield. 

Feliciano also had his Hartford-issued gun stolen from his Springfield apartment as well as other issues.

Feliciano was suspended without pay after his first arrest.

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