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Real Estate deal gone bad pushed McDonnells into Williams loan

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A flurry of witnesses from across the board today as week three of the McDonnell corruption trial kicked off Monday.

At issue the risky real estate venture the first couple was a part of and how it impacted the relationship with Jonnie Williams.

The prosecution is working to establish a motive that perhaps the McDonnell's were in such financial trouble that it would be worth it for them to get involved in a risky financial deal with a shifty businessman that put the governor's office at risk.

Michael Uncapher is no longer related to Bob McDonnell but the former governor's former brother-in-law was a key player in the Virginia Beach real estate deal gone bad.

Uncapher was married to the former governor's sister Maureen. The two of them went in on two Virginia Beach properties with the McDonnells that were hemorrhaging cash before Bob McDonnnell even became governor.

Uncapher testified that they were digging a hole that was growing by $50-$60,000 a year before Jonnie Williams even came into the picture.

The group known as MoBo Realty was in need of serious help.

In a 2009 email Uncapher email Bob and Maureen and asked "Any luck finding magical partners?"

The first magical partner with Dr. Paul Davis of Virginia Beach radiologist. He loaned MoBo $50 grand over the next three months.

Fast-forward to 2011- the beach properties still in trouble. First Lady Maureen puts Uncapher on the phone with her Millionaire Johnnie Williams to set the stage for his help. Williams would end up loaning the first family $70,000.

That move now looks to be one of the major reasons the McDonnells are on trial for federal corruption.

The bulk of the morning was dedicated to McDonnell's chief of staff when he was governor, Martin Kent.

Kent testified that he knew nothing about the loans the former governor received from Jonnie Williams until after the investigation had already started. He also talked about his concerns with a press release Star had attempted to put out that the administration stopped.

Also testifying was Sarah Wilson- she runs the government's Human Resources department and is in charge of the state employee health care plan. She was in a meeting where the Governor pulled Anatabloc out and said how wonderful it was. But she also testified that the Governor never pressured her to provide Star Scientific with any special benefit.

Wilson did actually meet with a sales rep from Star Scientific, but that was a cold call that she said McDonnell had nothing to do with. She said she quickly informed the company that there was nothing the state could do for them through the employee health plan.

On the stand as the court day wrapped up former Attorney General and Jonnie William's lawyer Jerry Kilgore.

Kilgore testified that Williams pushed to have the Anatabloc launch at the Mansion, against the wishes of some in the McDonnell administration. And speaking of Anatabloc, the company announcing Monday that they are halting sales of the supplement.

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