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Phoenix restaurant says stolen art cost them thousands

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Some funny business is going down in a Valley restaurant's bathroom and the owner wants to put a stop to it.

Someone's been hanging ten a little too long in the lavatories at Hula's Modern Tiki in Phoenix and swiping some valuable souvenirs. 

"Someone texted me a picture in the morning and said, "hey, look, another one of our priceless photos is gone,'" said owner Dana Mule.
Since they opened in 2005, he said this is the sixth piece of art stolen from their bathrooms.

"They're vintage tiki artists from the 50s and 60s," Mule said. "These are limited editions, all of this art came out of my partner Chris' collection."

The latest photo was of a Hawaiian family next to a VW bus. It was a replacement piece for yet another stolen photo and was yanked right off the wall.

"We've got the threaded screws, you've got to have a special tool to get them off, we've got 80 pound anchors in," Mule said.
He also said they're super-glued to the wall.

"I think people steal it compulsively, on a whim, maybe they've had too much to drink," Mule said. "As far as we can tell nothing has re-emerged for sale."

He said he has talked with other Phoenix restaurateurs and learned he's not alone. 

"We all have similar complaints and it's not just here that it happens, it happens all over," Mule said.

He said he doesn't want to hold the perpetrator's feet to the flame, he just wants the photos back.

"It's just kind of disillusioning that people do this kind of stuff," Mule said.

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