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Active tropical season off west coast of Mexico helping Arizona's monsoon

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An active monsoon week is in the forecast for Southeast Arizona. For some areas it has already been a good year for summer downpours. 

Check National Weather Service monsoon rain totals for Southeast Arizona cities and towns by clicking here.

This active monsoon is partly due to an active tropical season off the west coast of Mexico. A developing El Niño means warmer than average sea surface temperatures in this area of the Pacific Ocean. The warm water provides the energy needed for tropical storm and hurricane development. So far this year there have been 11 named storms in the East Pacific Ocean. Most of these tracked up the west coast of Mexico, not making landfall. Instead the storm tracks are perfectly placed to trigger moisture surges up the Gulf of California and into Arizona. These moisture surges ramp up monsoon action. 

Generally an El Niño summer leads to a drier monsoon. However, since the El Niño signal is still very weak and the tropical moisture tap has been exceptionally favorable for Arizona storm development, the monsoon rain totals are already impressive in some areas. Check rain totals in your neighborhood at