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MDC worker attacked after fender bender in Hartford

Chambriell Strickland (left) faced a judge on Wednesday (WFSB) Chambriell Strickland (left) faced a judge on Wednesday (WFSB)

Police in Hartford said they are working to track down two men that dragged a man out of his truck and beat him up after a minor crash with another car.

Police said 59-year-old Aldo Godenzi is a truck driver for the Metropolitan District Commission and was assaulted on Tower Avenue near Blue Hills Avenue on Tuesday.

Two men punched and kicked the worker numerous times. A 21-year-old woman also joined in on the attack. Police said the female grabbed him by the shirt and began punching him after he pulled over.  

The worker was found at the scene bleeding from his forehead. He was taken to an area hospital where he remained on Wednesday. 

The woman, identified as Chambriell Strickland was arrested. Investigators said they were looking for other two suspects, one being Strickland's brother and another man.

Police said they know one of the suspects is identified as Tyrone Shelton.

Before the crash, MDC officials said the driver was driving the company's dump truck from their operations yard near the airport in Hartford to the dump site. 

After the crash happened, police said Strickland was standing on her front lawn when Godenzi was driving the truck that struck her brother's car from behind. That is when witness Flavia Xavier said she saw Strickland attack Godenzi.

"She did run out. She was like 'my baby, my niece in the car,' she was very frightened," Xavier said, adding that she ran over to the crash scene to make sure everything was OK.

She said there is more to the story though, that Godenzi hit the car from the back "and the other driver had a kid in the car and the MDC truck driver started cussing him out. (Saying) 'I don't care about your baby' in explicit words."

Xavier added that the baby was shaken up after the crash, and the vehicle driver was trying to tell the MDC worker that he had just hit his car with a baby inside "and the MDC driver just didn't care and it was just sad and then he got a beating."

MDC officials said Godenzi is from Winsted and is a long-time employee of the company. 

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