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Sprint customer affected by cell tower near home


An East Windsor Sprint customer said ever since a cell phone transmitter on a water tower near her home was installed, her cell phone stopped working.

She said she has been a satisfied Sprint customer for years, and even ditched her landline to use her cell as her home phone, but the company has not offered any solutions to help her problem.

She said she just stopped receiving calls one day.

"My friends or family would say, you know, I tried to call you today and you didn't pick up your phone," said Holly Galinski, a long-time Sprint customer.

On the rare occasion she did get a call, it would often drop, but when she left home her phone would work perfectly.

Galinski said she called Sprint and said they told her there was a problem with the tower near her house.

"He said ‘it will be an easy fix, no problem. I'll put in a work order for it, it should be done by the weekend'," she said.

That, however, did not happen. She said she called several more times, only to get involved in a runaround.

She said she received a small credit to her account for her troubles, but she said she wants her phone to either work properly, or get released from her contract.

Sprint said she would have to pay $650 to cancel the plan.

"We're in a contract here. I pay you money, and you give me service. And I'm not receiving that service," Galinski added.

She turned to the Channel 3 Eyewitness News I-Team for help.

Sprint said it would not comment on Galinski's situation, but they did call her.

She said a representative told her that they would put in a work order to have the tower fixed, but she said she has already heard that before.

"I'm only one customer, and maybe this tower provides, let's say a 5 mile radius. There's maybe 100 Sprint customers in this area, and they've just brushed it off," she said.

Galinski said that if the issue is not resolved this week she wants to end her contract.

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