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Valley homeowners reconsider flood insurance after recent storms

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A lot of Valley homeowners got hit hard by Tuesday's storms.

But the financial impact will likely climb much higher, since many of the storm victims did not have flood insurance.

Chuck Bryson showed CBS5 where waves of water washed through his house in Laveen during a recent storm, doing thousands of dollars in damage.

What made it worse, was the fact that Bryson doesn't have flood insurance.

"Well, we thought about it," said Bryson. " Any time you live behind the lower side of canal you worry, but I never thought we'd have this kind of damage."

Bryson is like thousands of other homeowners across the Valley without flood insurance.

But after Tuesday's massive storm and widespread flooding, lot of folks are reconsidering, according to Allstate insurance agent Julie Jakubek.

Jakubek said that her Phoenix office was flooded with calls this morning, with folks asking about flood insurance.

She said the cost of flood insurance varies - depending on whether you live in a low-risk, or high risk area.

Premiums in a low-risk flood zone run about $350 to $400 a year.

Premiums in a high risk flood zone run about $1,000 to $3,000 a year.

"First off, what most people don't know is that everyone lives in a flood zone," said Jakubek. "The question is - if you're going to flood."

"September through July - most people say - why do you need flood insurance," said Jakubek. "It never rains here, and then in August people ask why didn't I buy flood insurance, because of all the rains."

Most basic homeowners policies do not cover damage caused by water washing in from outside your house, which is why the additional flood insurance is offered separately, Jakubek said.

Bryson said he now thinks it might be a good investment.

"Yeah, it's probably something I'll have to look at," said Bryson.

According to Jakubek, if someone is thinking about buying a flood insurance policy, they need to know that it wont take effect for 30 days.

Which means - if another storm hits this week - homeowners may still be at risk.

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