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Cops seek burglary suspects who took a 'selfie

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Santa Clarita Sheriff's Department deputies Wednesday released a "selfie" photo to the public in hopes it would lead them to a pair of burglary suspects.

The photo, which shows the faces of a man and a woman, was uploaded to the victim's Cloud account after her apartment was burglarized.

Suspects reportedly cut open her screen door in a Newhall apartment complex on July 30, according to officials.

"Once the suspects were inside the victim's home, the house was ransacked. There were numerous things stolen: electronics, cash, jewelry," LA County Sheriff's Deputy Josh Dubin said.

Following the incident, the victim used a separate computer to log onto her Cloud account and saw several "selfie" photos had been uploaded since the burglary.

The victim said she did not know either of the individuals.

Detectives believe the photo was likely uploaded automatically to the account over wireless internet or a cell signal.

"Sometimes multiple devices can be linked up under one Cloud account, and no matter where you travel, with Wi-Fi, without Wi-Fi, depending on whether you have cellular service or not, if a photo is taken often times there are auto settings that it would be uploaded automatically to the Cloud," Dubin said.

Due to the possibility the camera could have been sold after the burglary, detectives say the pair in the photo, who may have been identified, are not considered suspects and they just want to talk to them.

A Palmdale man is revealing how he and his girlfriend became persons of interest in the burglary.

For the second time in two days 21-year-old Larry Beltran Jr. returned to the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's station trying to clear he and his girlfriend's name.

Investigators sent out the ‘selfie' pictures, in hopes of getting leads on the burglary case, in which the victim's iPhone was stolen.

The device was apparently signed on to a Cloud storage account.

"Once on her person cloud account, these selfie images appeared on her own cloud account after the burglary occurred," said Dubin.

The photos appeared to be of Beltran and his girlfriend. The cell phone in question was bought by Beltran's aunt who bought it from a man who had them in a bag with no box or power cords.

Beltran said he didn't know that when you plug a device into a charger while it's connected to wifi, data on it like pictures are uploaded to an iCloud.

Beltran and his aunt turned two iPhones over to detectives because they said they want to help solve the burglary case, but police are still calling him and his girlfriend persons of interest.

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