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Mother of 1-year-old fatally stabbed trying to get answers

Zaniyah Calloway was stabbed in the stomach on Monday night Zaniyah Calloway was stabbed in the stomach on Monday night

After the horrific death of her 1-year-old daughter, a determined mother is searching for answers.

"What possess someone to kill a child, to kill anybody," said Shakyia Clay, the mother of the child who was fatally stabbed on Monday in Bristol.

Little Zaniyah Calloway was stabbed in the stomach on Monday night, allegedly at the hand of her uncle who is now behind bars.

Clay said her daughter's body still has not been released to her, so she can't have a proper funeral for her right now.

"I need to get my daughter so she can rest in peace," Clay said, adding that she was at the hospital with her daughter when she died.

On the night her daughter was stabbed, Clay went to a group meeting and the child's grandmother was set to babysit, but when police showed up to Clay's meeting, she knew something was wrong.

"The police come there, and say, we need to take you right now so I ask what's going on and they told me there has been an incident with (my) daughter," Clay said.

That night, she dropped off Zaniyah and her 3-year-old son at their grandmother's house. The grandmother was set to babysit that night, but Clay said she doesn't know where the grandmother was when the tragedy happened.

"(There are) no words to explain how it has been. I lost my everything, and for someone to take that away from me. It isn't right," Clay said. "I thought everything would be fine because everything is always fine, nothing ever happens."

Zaniyah was stabbed at a home on Park Street in Bristol, and 36-year-old Arthur Hapgood is being charged in the crime. He told police he was high on everything that night

"She was an innocent baby, she was innocent and she loved to smile and laugh and she really didn't deserve this," Clay said. "Whatever he was high on, that's not an excuse, at all, it's not an excuse."

Not only does Clay want to know why this happened, she wants answers from the hospital, from police and from the medical examiner.

"I would like reports on what was done to my daughter while she was there and nobody has gotten back to me yet and I need answers and I need answers now and I'm not going to stop until I get these answers," she said. "All I know is that my daughter was stabbed and nobody is telling me anything."

In the meantime, Clay said she is trying to stay strong for her 3-year-old son, who asks about his sister daily.

"How do I sit there and tell my 3-year-old son that he isn't going to see his sister again," Clay said. "I'm still going to continue to do better for me and my both of my kids, she's still here with me in my heart. I'm never going to forget about her."

Now, she just wants other mothers to hug their children.

"Love your kids, tell them you love them every day because you never know the last day you're going to see them," Clay said. "That makes me smile right there thinking of her, she was a good baby, she liked to play, she was happy all the time and I loved her so much, so much."

A candlelight vigil will be held on Friday, Aug. 22, at 8 p.m. on Park Street in Bristol. It is open to the public.

"I really want to thank the community, to know I have a lot of support with me right now, that makes me feel a little bit better," she said.

Clay hopes to get her daughter's body back soon so that she can have a little bit of closure.

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