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Town of Suffield sues woman over chicken farm

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A cease and desist order and lawsuit over chickens was not enough to shut down Suffield's self-proclaimed "chicken chick."

Kathy Mormino, who is a mother of two, said her pet chickens are also her livelihood and she's paying no attention to the town's pecking orders.

Mormino is building a brand for her beloved pet birds. Each animal has its own name and personality. 

For years, Mormino said she's been blogging, Facebooking and photographing more than three dozen chickens she's raising.

All these actions take place in the backyard of her Suffield home on two acres of land.

The problem is that town rules state you need five acres to have a farm. Mormino said she's working on buying three more acres to make it official.

Mormino said she would not comply with the cease and desist order.

"I won't. (I have) no intention to get rid of the chickens," Mormino said.

Despite three clean coops, which are completely fenced in and a fair distance from neighbors, one person has complained and the town and zoning enforcement officer are suing.

"Our contention is town of Suffield should stand by its lease of add acreage that would put us in compliance," Mormino said.

The lawsuit said Mormino ignored a cease and desist order from June of  2013.

The town wants to remove all poultry from the property and contends that chickens can create danger, inflict injury.

According to the injunction request, chickens can create noise and disturbance, attract vermin and predators as well as create and spread waste.

The zoning enforcement officer told Eyewitness News once Mormino buys those three extra acres, the property will be considered a farm, and she'll be in compliance.

"We've been working on the purchase for months," Mormino said. "It's in the works."

The zoning enforcement officer couldn't talk about pending litigation.

Meanwhile, the lawyer turned chicken blogger said she makes more money now than she did as a practicing attorney and loves what she does.

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