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New London store temperature hits nearly 90 degrees

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Some stores love to advertise hot deals, but some said a steamy situation in one New London store is going too far.

While the temperatures are soaring outside, the air inside of the Dollar General on Colman Road has been heating up and even melting some merchandise.

One employee described the store as being as hot as an oven. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she has a fan near her cash register but the heat throughout the store is brutal.

Eyewitness News went undercover to check out the situation at the Dollar General. There were fans blasting and signs posted throughout the store that warn shoppers that the air conditioning was out of order.

Employees were walking around the store with water bottles in hand, and wearing shorts and tank tops instead of heavier uniforms.

The generator at the store has been broken for the past three weeks, and the store manager has reportedly put in numerous work orders.

Merchandise, like birthday candles, melted down and had to be removed from the shelves. A thermometer in the store reached 89 degrees, while outside it was at about 80 degrees.

Dan MacDonald, spokesperson for Dollar General, said he hopes to get the unit fixed as soon as possible, even within the next 24 hours.

"It's very important to us, to create a pleasant shopping experience for customers and a healthy environment for our employees to work in, and we want to get this fixed as soon as possible. It's a newer store/newer unit. We were trying to get it fixed under warranty. So far we've been unsuccessful, so now we're just trying to get a qualified person out there to fix as soon as possible," he said in a statement.

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