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Mother stabbed to death in front of her two children, ex-husband commits suicide


The man who police say stabbed his ex-wife and her mother is now dead. 

Gwinnett County police said Chhay Hour, 60, shot himself inside Norcross Gun Club and Range in Norcross. He died of his injuries.

Witnesses said they heard screams and then saw Hour attacking his ex-wife, Chheng Voight, 37, and her mother, Ya Van, 59, over and over.

According to authorities, the stabbing occurred at the 1200 block of Chris Lake Drive. People who live in the Lawrenceville neighborhood said the fight started inside the home and ended in the middle of the street. That attack happened in front of Voight's 2-year-old daughter and an infant, just 3 weeks old.

"When I went into the house to grab the towels, I saw blood all along the walls, in the steps and on the front door," Asha Hughes said. "There was a toddler inside. She had no clothes on. She was standing there crying. I was like 'she must have seen everything.' I put a shirt on her, grabbed her and took her out of the house."

Hughes said she didn't dare try and get in the middle of the attack.

"I saw the rage in him as he was stabbing her," Hughes said. "I was screaming for my dad to go outside and get his gun. He headed toward the scene and threatened the man with his gun. As soon as the man saw my father, he stabbed the woman one last time. He walked to his car parked on the street and drove away. My dad shot at the back of his vehicle and hit the car."

Hughes said her dad tried to administer CPR, but it was too late. Voight did not survive.

"When I got to her I was praying she would still be alive and make it through," Hughes said.   "I kept telling her to try and stay alive, and I put pressure on her wounds."

Van was taken to an area hospital. At this point her condition is not known.

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