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Dr. Cash spreads cash craze fever in Hartford

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@LindaLee2008 was a winner of $100 on Friday. (@drcashct photo) @LindaLee2008 was a winner of $100 on Friday. (@drcashct photo)
(@drcashct photo) (@drcashct photo)

If treasure seekers have a fever, the only prescription may be from Dr. Cash.

The mysterious money doctor took to the social media website Twitter on Friday to hand out some free dough.

There is only one way to win. Followers have to find him.

"I will be in a ‘park' that has a lot of bushes," a post said. "See if you can figure that out."

He made his first announcement about his Hartford plans earlier this week under the username @drcashct.

He alluded to a clue Friday afternoon.

"At 12 p.m., I will hide $100 somewhere in the Hartford area," he wrote. "Follow me to find a clue as to where exactly in the next 15 minutes."

The clue was a picture of sunny Bushnell Park in Hartford.

A woman who went by the handle @LindaLee2008 wasted no time in tracking him down. She excitedly posted her prize through her own Twitter account.

The monetary M.D. said there would be two more drops on Friday alone. He also said he'd be in the capital city all weekend.

"I wonder if I will get in trouble for being a doctor?" he posted. "I'm a doctor of money though so I think I'm good."

Why is he doing this? The reason is on his profile page.

"Just want give back to Hartford this weekend," he wrote.

To check out his page for yourself, click here.

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