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Rowland declines to take stand in conspiracy trial

(WFSB file photo) (WFSB file photo)

A judge has set closing arguments for Thursday in the federal trial of former Connecticut Gov. John Rowland.

Rowland opted not to take the stand, and the defense rested Wednesday.

His lawyers called just one witness. Brian Bedard, who ran Apple Health Care Inc., testified that Rowland did legitimate consulting work for the nursing home company.

Rowland faces seven federal charges, including allegations he conspired with Apple's owner, Brian Foley, to hide $35,000 in payments for work he did on the 2012 congressional campaign of Foley's wife, Lisa Wilson-Foley.

The defense argues that Rowland volunteered on Wilson-Foley's campaign and was paid for the work he did for Apple.

The Foleys each pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. Brian Foley was the star prosecution witness, testifying he paid Rowland for campaign work.

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