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Jetblue plane forced to make emergency landing in California

Jetblue is investigating a frightening engine failure in mid-flight.

Smoke filled the cabin of Flight 14-16 just after takeoff Thursday. The pilots made an emergency landing in Long Beach, California a few minutes later.

Passengers told their reactions to CBS News.

Images of the incident aboard Flight 14-16 were captured by passenger Dean Delbaugh. The video shows the hazy, terrifying scene inside the cabin just after the engine failed.

"You immediately got the smell, and obviously something's burning, and then immediately filled up with smoke," Delbaugh said.

Passengers scrambled to put on oxygen masks as a baby's screams were clearly heard through the confusion.

"You couldn't even see your hand in front of your face," Eric Domanic, who was a Jetblue passenger, said. "It engulfed the entire cabin within seconds."

Passengers told CBS News the plane's right engine blew shortly after take-off while over the Pacific Ocean. The pilots immediately responded and circled back to land after just minutes in the air.

Actor Jason Rathbone was also on board and credits the crew for keeping them all safe.

"I'll remember this forever," Rathbone said. "But we had brave stewardesses, a wonderful pilot."

Once safely on the ground, flight attendants immediately began evacuating the cabin.

Air traffic controller: "JetBlue 1416, Roger, they got people already out of the - looks like people are sliding out of the back already." 

Pilot: "All right, they're going out."

Passengers are still wanting to travel told CBS News they were rebooked on alternate flights.

At least one person aboard the plane said the experience will change him for the better

"I'm just happy to be alive," Jarred West, who was a Jetblue passenger, said. "I don't think I'll ever be mean to anybody ever again."

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