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Fifth victim comes forward in rabid fox attack in East Windsor

A second grader was attacked by a fox that came out of the woods near Broad Brook Elementary School. (WFSB photo) A second grader was attacked by a fox that came out of the woods near Broad Brook Elementary School. (WFSB photo)

A fifth person in East Windsor has been bitten by a fox that tested positive for rabies.

It was a distraught call to 911 by an elementary school worker that alerted police to the vicious animal that attacked a child on the playground at Broad Brook Elementary School on Monday morning

Police told Eyewitness News 74-year-old Jerry Banks called them and said he had been bitten by a gray-colored fox while getting his newspaper on Church Street around 8:30 a.m. on Monday.

"It's a little sore, but got one, two, three, four bites," Banks said.

Banks said the fox came up behind him and attacked.

"I didn't have anything to fight him off with because I had only a piece of paper and that won't do any good," Banks said.

The man was the first person the fox bit and then moments later, the fox attacked four others.

The fox had to be put down by East Windsor police and the town's animal control officer.

The call to 911 was released to the media on Tuesday.

  • Caller: We're at the Broad Brook School.
  • Dispatcher: Yep.
  • Caller: And we got a call that a child has been bit by a fox outside.
  • Dispatcher: OK. Are you with the child?
  • Caller: We don't have the details. The other nurse ran outside.

Second-grader Evan Witzke was bitten on the hand and leg by the fox while outside for gym class.

"We were playing this game and running around and this fox just came out after me," Evan previously told Eyewitness News.

On Tuesday, a report from the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health indicated that the fox tested positive for rabies.

Parents told Eyewitness News they aren't surprised.

"Because of the way it happened during the day," parent Shannon Spears said. "They always tell you animals that attack during the day are sick or very hungry."

Evan's quick-thinking gym teacher Elissa Danielle rushed over to rip the fox off the 7-year-old. Danielle was bitten on the hand.

"Oh yeah that hurt a lot. That's my student," Danielle said. "I would do anything for my students. I had to do it."

Danielle said she pried the animal off of Evan and ordered the other students to head inside to safety. That's when another staff member helped her trap the fox under a recycling container but not before it bit them both.

Banks called a doctor and has since been treated. He added that he is expected to get three more shots.

"Even today I was afraid to go out and get the paper," Banks said. "You never know."

After Banks was attacked, a woman was attacked on Mill Street just after 10 a.m. Then two staff members and Evan at Broad Brook Elementary School on Rye Street just before 11:30 a.m.

Parents told Eyewitness News they can't believe it happened here.

"You can't predict what could happen you just have to hope that the teachers and everyone else who are here are going to react the way they did," Spears said.

Parents commended the two staff members at the school, who jumped in to get the fox away from the boy.

Students were immediately brought inside the building on Monday. As far as students, parents said they weren't informed if they were kept inside for the day on Tuesday.

Eyewitness News tried calling the school and the superintendent, but the station's calls haven't been returned.

Parents told Eyewitness News they'll be voicing concerns at open house on Tuesday night.

School counseling was made available for any student that witnessed the incident. Any student in need of assistance are advised to contact the Broad Brook Elementary School at 860-623-2433.

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