WFSB TNF Web Chat for Bucs vs. Falcons - WFSB 3 Connecticut

WFSB TNF Web Chat for Bucs vs. Falcons

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Here is the full transcript for the web chat for the Thursday Night Football game between Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 

10:01 Joe Zone:

Hi everyone! Joe Zone here! How about that half? Send me your questions and comments.

10:07 Comment From Tyler

If Atlanta is smart, they'll take their starters out. No reason to risk an injury in this one.

10:07 Joe Zone:

Starters should be out on both teams. But don't forget those fantasy guys.

10:15 Joe Zone:

This is why teams hate these Thursday night games. The turn around time is too short for teams, especially the one that travels.

10:15 Comment From Dave

Can Matt Ryan take the Falcons to the playoffs?

10:15 Joe Zone:

Don't think so. Too many good NFC teams, including 0 and 2 New Orleans.

10:16 Comment From Tyler

Tampa to Atlanta is not that big of trip though

10:17 Joe Zone:

Still have to travel. Just not a good fit for short turn around.

10:17 Comment From Tyler

With this game over, NFL fans can only look forward to this Sunday. With any luck the Giants get their first W of the season.

10:18 Joe Zone:

No Giants on tv in this market Sunday. It';s a 1 o'clock CBS game. Ch 3 will televise, as always, Patriots, also at 1 o'clock.

10:21 Comment From Tyler

I saw that the other day. Luckily I won't be in CT this weekend. The Giants are in trouble if they start the season 0-3. Eli needs to step it up.

10:22 Joe Zone:

I thought Eli played pretty well last week. How about Mr. "throw me the ball" Cruz catch them when they are thrown.

10:23 Comment From Dave

A very very low percentage of 0-2 teams have ever made it to the playoffs, how can you count the Saints in at this point?

10:23 Joe Zone:

Thats correct. And I believe the Giants not only made the playoffs but also won the Super Bowl after starting 0 and 2. New Orleans 0 and 2 looks pretty good, both loses on the last play of the game.

10:25 Joe Zone:

This wraps it up. After the game, NASCAR stuff in my sports tonight. Jeff Gordon was at Lime Rock. We were there.