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Florida mother pulled over with baby in trunk

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A baby found in the trunk of a car has been placed in the great-grandmother's custody.

Police said 19-year-old Breona Watkins had a passenger slide her five-month-old child through an access panel into the trunk of her car. According to police, Watkins didn't have a car seat and she didn't want to get a ticket.

The baby's great-grandmother was awarded custody at a custody hearing, Wednesday.

An officer found the baby crying after stopping Watkins for a broken tail light.

Watkins didn't have a license.

Police said she gave the officer a fake name.

"She got frightened, and she did what any child would do, because she's still a child,” Laura Richardson, who was awarded custody of the child, said Watkins is just immature, but not a bad mother.

Richardson said Watkins made a “mistake.”

“She's a good mother, but she's still young."

The baby's mother has been charged with child abuse and several traffic violations.

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