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Webchat for the Giants, Redskins TNF game

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Here are the comments on the web chat for the Thursday Night Game between 

Giants and Redskins: 

9:57 Joe Zone 

Hi everyone! How about that half? 

9:59 Comment From Tyler

Great half of football for the New York Giants, everyone in the big apple will know the name Larry Donnell after tonight.

9:59 Joe Zone 

Giant offense had made huge strides since week 1.

10:00 Comment From Tyler

Without question, they are starting to look like a cohesive unit on offense and you cant argue with the results.

10:01 Joe Zone 

They said with a new off coordinator, it would take time. The time is now.

10:02 Comment From Tyler

17 first downs in that half for New York by my count, that's whats going to make the difference, if you dont move the chains you're underperforming.

10:03 Joe Zone 

So does that mean Eli isn't in decline?

10:06 Joe Zone 

Exactly right. Its amazing how good he is when other players do what they're supposed to do.

10:09 Comment From Tyler

I tell you, what a great night for sports. Between the Giants and Jeter's last game I don't know what to watch and I'm not even a NY sports fan.

10:09 Joe Zone 

Yup. Gotta get to the end of the Yankee game. 1 out to go.Wait a minute. Home run. Game tied. More Jeter.

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