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10-year-old dies after spider bite

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10-year-old dies after spider bite 10-year-old dies after spider bite
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A 10-year-old boy died early Tuesday morning after suffering from an infection caused by a spider bite.

Keith Pierce, of Montana, died at St. Vincent Hospital where he was born.

His mother said she noticed his legs began swelling up on Sept. 30.

She said doctors thought it was cancer, and last week he was sent home from the emergency room.

Three days before he died, there was a spot on Keith's leg and he was in pain.

On Friday Keith's parents brought him to the hospital and on Sunday doctors performed emergency surgery, but Keith never woke up.

His parents decided to end resuscitation efforts early Monday morning and the coroner told Keith's mother that her son's death was caused by an infection brought on by a brown recluse spider bite.

Keith was the middle child of three boys and his mother said he was tough on the wrestling and football teams but was also a jokester.

She wanted to warn other parents to learn more about the brown recluse spiders and to talk to an exterminator about having homes sprayed.

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