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Woman gives away wedding ring with Halloween candy

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One Arizona woman pulled a trick on herself this Halloween.

While passing out candy, she accidentally gave one trick- or-treater her wedding ring.

The woman said she took her ring off and put it in a candy jar while carving pumpkins. Then forgot to get her ring when she filled the bowl with candy.

"I think we printed about 15 posters so far and we've just been putting them up everywhere we can,” Brooklin Yazzie, who lost wedding ring, said. Everywhere there's stop signs, everywhere we think someone will be able to read it."

Friday night was the scariest Halloween ever for Yazzie realizing she might never see her wedding ring again.

"When I first realized like oh my gosh,'” Yazzie said. “What had happened, I just couldn't talk."

Normally she trick or treats with her two daughters. But with a recently broken foot and a baby on the way she decided to hang back at grandma's house.

"Watched all the trick-or-treaters, you know, handed out candy. I actually had plastic rings. I had plastic rings I put in there too," Yazzie said.

She was barely 20 years old when she married her husband 10 years ago and says the ring doesn't have a lot of monetary value.

"If you were to try and pawn it or, you know, sell it," Yazzie said. “You can probably get $50 for it."

But to her, it's priceless.

"It's my wedding ring, you know? I mean you can replace it, but it's not the same," Yazzie said. “I'm just really hoping the somebody has it. And just doesn't know what to do with it. They don't know whose it is or how to find out, you know through the hundreds of houses they went to they don't know which house it came from."

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