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Al: Failed "Jared diet" motive in Subway robberies

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Police said a customer who wanted his money back from Subway went on a robbery spree and took money from four restaurants in as many as four days.

It's been a week of revenge for 18-year-old Zachary Torrance against all things, subway restaurants.

Midfield police said Torrance robbed their store Monday night while on Tuesday night, he robbed a store in Birmingham, on Wednesday, a store in Hueytown was targeted and on Thursday, a store in Adamsville was robbed.

In each case, the armed suspect had the same m-o: long dreadlocks, a black nike shirt, and distinctive bright orange shoes.

"What was funny, like I told the policeman, he came in Walmart wearing the exact same thing,” Lee Martin, of Hueytown, AL, said.

Martin had gone to the Hueytown Walmart late Thursday to buy school supplies for his son, but earlier in the day, he'd seen video of the robbery on the Hueytown police website.

"It never donned on me I'd run back into him, wearing the same clothes at that,” Martin said. "I was just walking through Walmart, peeping around corner and watching him and looking at my phone, trying to get pictures of him and stuff."

Martin said Torrance asked a clerk about a pistol holder. That's when Martin left the store and called police.

"...and I sit there and called them, and I said, 'Hey.' I said, 'Did y'all catch that guy that robbed Subway?' He said, 'No.' I said,' He's inside Walmart, right now, in Hueytown.' He said, 'Huh?' I said, 'Yes, sir. He's in Walmart, right now. If it ain't him, it's his twin.'"

A short while later, police arrived and arrested Torrance.

Investigators said he confessed to all the robberies. He's even gave them a reason for doing it.

"He told the detectives he had spent a sum of money with Subway, trying the sub diet -- the Jared diet -- and it hadn't worked for him, and he felt like he should get his money back,” Hueytown Police Chief Chuck Hagler said.

"That ain't no reason. I tried it, and I ain't lost none yet, so... I ain't gonna go rob Subway,” Martin said. “You know, if that's the case, everybody would have done it. That's a poor excuse for a feller."

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