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Fairfield police alert shoppers of easy purse snatching

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FAIRFIELD, CT (WFSB) - The Fairfield Police Department is warning shoppers of how easy it is to get a purse snatched out of a shopping carriage at the supermarket. 

Shoppers can turn away to grab an item and they don't even know they are a victim of a crime. 

Instead of going around and telling people how easy it is, police showed them and recorded it on video. 

Lt. James Perez went into a Fairfield grocery store and hovered over an unsuspecting shopper who had her purse in the open. 

"We target or look for potential victims of theft," Perez said. 

The lieutenant put a sticker on the woman's wallet inside of her purse to show he had enough time to put it there. If he was a thief, he could have been long gone with the wallet. 

"And often times they don't know until they go and pay or get home," Perez said. 

Fairfield has been getting a lot of thefts from purses. There have been dozens in the past week alone and these crimes happen all across the state, especially around the holidays. Some purse owners seem more aware than others. 

"I make sure the zipper part is in the front facing me. It's not in the back where I won't see if someone unzips it," said Lucia Gabriello of Fairfield.

Perez explained to a shopper to either keep the purse on her shoulder or secure it in the carriage. 

"Then what you can do is tie around it so that if I was to come by and take the purse I would have to take the whole cart," Perez said. 

The woman told Perez, "that is something I wouldn't have ever thought of."  

Overall, shoppers like how police are being so aggressive to educate the public. 

"A little bit creepy, but I guess they're just trying to help. I understand," said Alysa Dalton, of Fairfield.

The last shopper at the grocery store told Eyewitness News she just had her purse stolen. It was in her unlocked car and police said that too is not a good idea. 

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