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Police are on a mission from a secret Santa

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Earlier this month, in Kansas City, Missouri, the Jackson County sheriff's department was out looking for people and when they spotted a subject, they went after 'em, in a sting operation the likes of which this country has never seen. 

The man behind the sting operation is a fellow in a red hat -- known to these men only as "Secret Santa."

"We got a mission today, to go out, and do random acts of kindness," the Secret Santa said. 

Every year this anonymous, wealthy businessman gives out about hundred thousand worth of hundred dollar bills to random strangers. But this year, instead of doing it all himself he deputized these deputies to give away much of it.

"Let's start with a thousand," the Secret Santa said. 

And so, armed to teeth with $100 bills, the officers went out to do Santa's bidding. They specifically went after people they thought would appreciate it most. Cars driving while dented or out on Bondo were likely targets."Merry Christmas. See that," said one unidentified deputy as he handed the driver a $100 bill.

You're kidding. Oh my God, no," said the driver, who was pulled over by the officer.

Most people weren't just blown away while others were moved to tears. Their reactions, a combination of really needing the money and being caughtso off guard.

"He looked straight at me and turned around and pulled me over with no cause. Hold on," Jessica Rodriguez said while talking on her cell phone as a deputy approached car

"How you doing, mam," the unidentified deputy said. 

"I'm good until you pulled me over," Rodriguez said. 

"OK, well, on behalf of Secret Santa, he wants you to have this," the deputy said as he handed over the money. 

Rodriguez, who is a mother of three, told the deputy he saved her Christmas.

"I wasn't going to be able to get my kids anything," Rodriguez said. 

"Well, I hope you may be able to get your kids something with it," the deputy said. 

As always, moments like that are the main mission here. But this year Secret Santa also had a secret agenda and CBS News asked him what the officers get out of this mission.

"Joy, you know, as tough as they are they have hearts that are bigger than the world," secret Santa said. 

Let's face it, it hasn't been a good year for law enforcement, but for the vast majority of decent officers who will never make headlines. Secret Santa offered this gift.

A chance to be bearer of good news for a change a chance to really help the homeless and to thank the law-abiders to see hands up in celebration and then be assaulted in the best possible way.

There were a lot of hugs. Our body cameras took a real beating, but it was worth it  just to see people trust again  and to see cops surrender.

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