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Enfield dentist has license suspended following death of patient

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Rashmi Patel Rashmi Patel

There have been a total of seven hearings regarding the future of Enfield dentist Rashmi Patel's license and on Wednesday the state's Dental Commission approved its own recommendations.

Patel's license will be suspended until he gets retraining, and though he can still practice dentistry he is no longer allowed to administer any form of conscious sedation on future patients.

“I'm glad it is over,” Patel said.

This all stems from the care provided to two patients, including Judy Gan who died last February after having 20 teeth extracted, implants and bone grafts.

"Respondent's practice was and is a threat to the safety of patients. Your own findings make that point, that he is reckless. Therefore, this department asks you chose revocation, it's the only thing appropriate,” said attorney David Tilles, who represents the Department of Public Health.

The commission chose not to revoke Patel's license though their report found his testimony was not credible.

Patel's attorney argued that the panel did not consider their witnesses testimony and said the dentist offered appropriate care.

"We think, based on the evidence, these charges should be dismissed,” attorney Paul Knag said.

The Gan family attorney said he expects the results of the autopsy in a couple of weeks and is pleased with the outcome.

However, he wasn't happy with a statement Patel's attorney had made, saying that “Dr. Patel has gone through horrendous trauma here.”

It was “offensive and ludicrous to even compare what Patel has gone through from what the family has gone through,” said attorney Rick Kenny, who represents the Gan family.

It is unclear when Patel will get the retraining to practice again.

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