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Dog rides city bus to dog park on her own

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Eclipse on one of her bus rides. (CNN, KOMO photo) Eclipse on one of her bus rides. (CNN, KOMO photo)

An old dog has learned new tricks in Seattle.

Eclipse, a black lab/bull mastiff mix, joins the thousands of Metro Transit riders who travel each day on board a city bus.

Few are greeted by a smile when they slobber on the seats. Eclipse, however, is.

"She sits here just like a person does! She's a person!” one rider said. “And all the bus drivers know her."

Eclipse, like a human, uses Seattle's buses to get around.

She often roams the aisles of the D Line looking for a seat and will hop up next to a stranger, which makes perfect sense for a dog who rides the bus alone.

"She was most concerned about seeing out the window,” said Miles Montgomery, also a bus rider.

Montgomery, a local DJ, said it was almost unbelievable.

"And I thought, ‘man oh man, this is nuts!'" he said.

He said it was so unbelievable that he had to snap a selfie.

"The dog gets off at the stop and the dog park and gets of the bus, and I just look out the window and I'm like, ‘did that just happen?'" Montgomery said.

Eclipse's owner said like a lot of great things that happen, this one happened by accident.

"She's been urbanized, totally,” said Jeff Young, the dog's owner. “She's a bus-riding, side-walk walking dog."

A dog amidst humans. A canine among commuters.

It proves even public transit, apparently, has gone to the dogs.

"She makes everybody happy! How could you not love this thing,” the rider said.

A spokesman for Metro Transit said they love that Eclipse is such a supporter of public transportation and added “she would be much safer if she had her owner on a leash.”

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