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Caught on camera: Car blasts through car wash at 40 mph

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It was a close call at a California car wash.

A 94-year-old man paid for a wash, then sped through the Quick Quack Car Wash in Sacramento at 40 miles per hour.

“That's a whole new level of Quick Quack," said Mitch Shiveley, site manager of the Quick Quack Car Wash.

The incident happened last Friday.

Shiveley said the unidentified man paid, but then something when wrong.

The man's car blasted through the wash and took workers by surprise.

Surveillance video shows a worker smiling one minute, then afraid the next.

"She was like ‘stop, stop stop!'” Shiveley said. “And then the last second she just had to jump out of the way."

All cars that go through the wash are supposed to be in neutral, then they get pushed through on a very slow conveyor belt. However, video shows the driver going straight through the car wash and slamming into the other side.

Employees said the car came to a stop in the vacuum area.

"Another lady who was in the back, vacuuming her car, actually backed her car out and pulled out about five seconds before impact,” Shiveley said.

Police said no one was hurt.

The car wash said the elderly driver could not take his foot off the gas pedal.

It said damages were close to $100,000. Most of it has since been fixed.

Shiveley admitted that it could have been much worse.

"Stuff can be fixed,” he said. “There is insurance and things for stuff like that. People are the most important thing."

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