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New Haven man killed in overnight apartment fire

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One man was killed in a fire at an apartment complex on Warren Street. (WFSB photo) One man was killed in a fire at an apartment complex on Warren Street. (WFSB photo)
(WFSB photo) (WFSB photo)

Investigators in New Haven are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly fire inside an apartment building.

The flames tore through a single apartment on the fifth floor of the complex on Warren Street.

Firefighters said they were called around 2 a.m. Friday. They said residents met them at the front door and told them they had seen smoke coming from the apartment.

The sprinkler went on, but it was too late for the man inside.

"With the water, we knew there's a fire somewhere,” said Wanda Smith, a neighbor. “And when I opened my door, all the smoke came and I went towards his unit and [with] all the smoke, I knew."

Smith said in the complex, neighbors look out for each other. However, when the fire alarms went off, the smoke was too strong to get to her neighbor next door.

“I'm really going to miss him,” she said.

Smith said the unidentified 56-year-old victim was close with his mother and always made sure to check on Smith and her son.

"How many people reach out to you when they don't see you?” Smith asked. “How many people do that? And that I will always remember him for."

Firefighters said they got the man out, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

"We do everything we possibly can,” said Robert Doyle, acting New Haven fire marshal. “[We] don't give up until everything is exhausted."

"I watched them do the CPR on him while he was out there,” Smith said. “They worked hard and earnestly on him."

The neighbor who lived directly under the victim's unit was also taken to the hospital. He was treated for possible smoke inhalation.

The city's housing authority has been working to clean up the water damage from the sprinkler system.

One resident on the second floor was forced from her apartment, which was underneath one sprinkler system. She has been helped and is staying at a hotel.

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