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Wisconsin park workers clear snow path for love

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A Wisconsin man has a daily routine that helps him to show his love for his departed wife, but a snow storm was going to prevent it until the help of two strangers. 

“A lot of people might think it's a dumb thing, but I don't,” Bud Caldwell said.

In fact, it's the best part of his day when the 82-year-old visits the bench he bought and dedicated to his wife, Betty, she passed two years ago.

He reports what he has going on and leaves a daisy and a penny after two of their favorite songs, Pennies from Heaven and a Daisy a Day.

“It just seemed the natural thing to do,” Caldwell said.

They spent almost 56 years together.

“I tried not to let her down, this is one way I can show that,” Caldwell said.

After it snowed a few weeks ago, Caldwell's path was blocked, he couldn't bring Betty her daisy or her penny that is until he got a little help.

“We both commented that we just can't have this,” Jerrod Ebert, who is a park worker, said.

Two Fond du Lac parks employees, Ebert and Kevin Shultz, saw Caldwell sitting in his car, in front of the snow covered walk way.

“We gotta make sure he can get to his bench and talk to his wife,” Ebert said.

So they grabbed shovels and cleared the path.

“Only because of his love for his wife,” Ebert said.

It's a gesture that neither will forget.

“Two young men did something so nice for one old man,” Caldwell said.

“He truly misses her,” Ebert said.

Since that day, Caldwell said he hasn't missed the chance to tell Betty just that. Because of those two park employees, he won't have to.

“Because like the last verse goes, I come up here every day and give her a daisy a day,” Caldwell said.

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