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Study: Cow's milk sales deteriorating

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It was once a staple of the American diet, but now more families are saying ‘no' to cow's milk.

Sales have deteriorated over the past 40 years in a trend dairy farms are now describing as devastating.

Rosemary Hochberg said she believes plant-based milks like soy, almond and rice are a healthier option, and she's not alone.

The average consumption of dairy milk dropped from about 22 gallons per year per person in 1970 to less than 15 gallons in 2012, a 33 percent decline.

“If it doesn't turn, milk will get to the point that it really is irrelevant as a product,” said Tom Gallagher, CEO of Dairy Management Inc.

Dairy Management Inc. handles marketing for dairy farms, and he said it is time for a change.

“The old cardboard container that you and I used at school is still used in most schools and you know the problem with that. Not only is it served warm often but kids can't open that container,” Gallagher said.

The industry's recently launched campaign includes new blended milk products in round, resealable containers.

New York Presbyterian Hospital Dietician Alissa Rumsey said however it is packaged, cow's milk is a healthy part of the diet.

“It's high in protein and it's also a really good source of calcium and vitamin D,” Rumsey said.

Hochberg said she uses other dairy products to balance her children's diet, but decided before they were born that they wouldn't drink milk.

“We're the only mammals that consume milk as an adult and the milk is from another mammal,” Hochberg said.

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