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Knockerball will knock your socks off to save children

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A "KnockerBall" fundraiser is set for Feb. 21 in Middletown. (WFSB photo) A "KnockerBall" fundraiser is set for Feb. 21 in Middletown. (WFSB photo)

It's a game that goes by many names.

There's bubble-soccer, knocker soccer or just plain knockerball. While some said it looks ridiculous, the players call it a lot of fun.

They said the emphasis is on the “knock” part.

Police officers and firefighters will test that notion when they go bubble-to-bubble for a fundraiser meant to raise money for local children.

Advanced Sportsplex in Middletown is hosting a “tournament of heroes.”

On Feb. 21, those police and firefighters will slide into inflatable bubbles and play a form of soccer to raise money for at-risk children in the community.

It's something that Reginald White said he takes personally. He's the director of a nonprofit group called Total Man Inc.

"Ex-gang members we deal with. We [also] deal with kids that may have problems at home [along with] single moms or single dads,” White explained. “So we deal with all that and we actually go inside the projects and we actually deal with the parents."

"Sometimes we're not looked at in the same light because we are smaller, so it's great when somebody like Reggie wants to step up," said Justin Carbonella, the Middletown Youth Services director.

Carbonella said he's essentially on the front line with approximately 200 children who get much-needed help from his department.

"I think at the core we're looking at kids who fall into either the juvenile justice or mental health sectors and working to make sure that all kids in Middletown grow up healthy and successful,” Carbonella said.

The money raised from the fundraiser will go straight back to the community, according to White.

The public is welcome to cheer on the participants as they play soccer or game called last man standing.

“Whoever's left at the end, that's who wins!” explained White. “So they just go at it. They just go hard."

More information about Total Man Inc. can be found here.

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