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Selfie stick bans a growing trend at museums

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Selfie sticks have joined flash photography as a phenomenon that's frowned upon at the museum.

Laura Rodriguez and her husband posed for a picture with their selfie stick outside of the American Museum of Natural History after snapping several inside.

“You can take good pictures of things inside the museum,” Laura Rodriguez said.

However, many major museums nationwide have banned the gadgets, which help people take pictures of themselves from a distance.

“You can [imagine the danger] just by looking at this,” said Jennifer Northrup, Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. “Imagine the havoc a selfie stick might wreak in this kind of space.”

In New York City, the Museum of Modern Art and Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum makes visitors ditch the sticks.

“Because they could pose a danger to visitors or our objects on view,” Northrup said.

Museum goers who use the sticks said they are torn about whether they should be banned. They said the sticks are easy to move out of the way in a dangerous situation.

On the other hand, they said they can imagine something going wrong.

“Sometimes they have sculptures with no glass or with the glass, someone might scratch the glass or break it,” said Fatmah Ralmatroshui, a selfie stick user.

Andrew Delango said he nervously watched a man get caught.

“He's in the background taking a selfie and the lady is like ‘No! Stop!'” he said.

Delango said the man's stick was inches away from a dinosaur exhibit.

“He could have knocked everything down,” Delango said. “He could have been taking a selfie, then he hits one of the ribs!”

Similar concerns could force more museum visitors to take a selfie the old fashioned way, sans stick.

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