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CT doctors explain online dress debate

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The dress that caused so much debate, courtesy of Tumblr The dress that caused so much debate, courtesy of Tumblr

The debate over whether a dress is white and gold or blue and black continues to rage online.

If you logged onto any social media website over the past two days, you probably saw a picture of a dress that sparked a heated debate

The post, found on BuzzFeed Life, shows the photo of a dress that some say appears to be blue and black, while others speculate it's white and gold. 

The image was posted by Tumblr user "swiked," who said she sees blue and black while her friend sees white and gold.

With neither side budging, the internet community is completely torn. But doctors say there's a culprit behind this color conundrum: our own body.

“It has to do with the wiring inside our eyes and the combination of how the cells work together,” Dr. Reena Garg, an ophthalmologist at Hartford Hospital, said.

Dr. Laura Saunders, a psychologist from the Institute of Living in Hartford, said that everyone's interpretation of colors is unique.

“Perception is really based on experience, people's experiences influence how they see things,” Sanders said.

Experts say the backlighting in the photo as well as the unique striping on the dress play into the way our brains interpret the colors.

The dress is being sold on Amazon for just $77 and according to the website, it's listed as royal blue. 

But which side are you on? Take our poll on this page.

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