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Lawmakers push to change voyeurism laws in CT

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The internet has made upskirting more popular, but some Connecticut lawmakers said the laws on the books aren't up with the times.

With the changing technology, lawmakers said it's time for an update.

It only took seven hours, but that's all Husein Ahmetovic needed to allegedly record 30 different women at West Farms mall last June. Police arrested him and charged him with voyeurism after a woman noticed she was being filmed.

"When technology changes, we have to change. Ten years ago, no one heard what upskirting was because you couldn't get a camera small enough to fit on someone's foot or someone's shoe," Peter A. McShane, the Middlesex County State's Attorney, said.

McShane appeared in front of the Judiciary Committee on Friday and asked lawmakers to consider his proposal for changing voyuerism laws.

"It enlarges the statute of limitations. Some victims aren't aware they're victims until years down the road," McShane said.

He said in one case a woman's ex-husband posted explicit photos of her online. She never even realized it until a porn producer saw them and contacted her.

"There was a divorce. He put photographs and videos of her on the internet and she was not aware," McShane said.

McShane said his proposal also looking at how to better protect victims.

“We're also looking to keep the identity of the victim not disclose able,” McShane said.

The proposal also calls for new rules regarding revenge porn.

“That's when two people are in an intimate relationship and it goes sour and afterwards one of those person's posts videos or still images on the internet,” McShane said.

Lawmakers are also looking at increasing penalties for repeat offenders. There is no word on how soon the committee could vote on the proposal.

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