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Ultimate Pi Day at the CT Science Center

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Ultimate Pi Day, Saturday, March 14, 2015
Help us celebrate this endless number (3.14159… ) and Einstein'sbirthday, with family friendly Pi-related activities. At 3:14 PM, join us inthe lobby for a once-in-a-lifetime photo op as we commemorate the Pi Day of thecentury with a 100-person Pi chain. The more people that participate, thelonger the Pi chain will be. Those who wish to participate should gather in thelobby at 3PM. After the photo op, we'll all enjoy a free sample of apple pie,courtesy of Lyman Orchards (pie available while supplies last).
Visit CTScienceCenter.org for more information!

Extreme Dinosaurs New Exhibit Opening April 4
On view through Summer 2015 in our Saint Francis Care TravelingExhibit Gallery
RAWRRR! Step back in time into a land of roaring, moving, andEXTREME dinosaurs at the blockbuster exhibit Extreme Dinosaurs. The 37-footOmeisaurus will greet you in our lobby with a roar, while the 47-footTyrannosaurus Rex will spy on you from our dino paddock outside! ExtremeDinosaurs presents the many "bizarre" aspects of dinosaurs and thenatural forces that make them spectacular. From gigantic jaws and pricklycrowns, to freakishly long necks and colorful funky feathers, this immersiveexhibit will show you surprising life-size dinosaurs in their habitats!